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Yahritza Y Su Esencia (Lumbre Music)

WHAT IT IS: In a matter of weeks, Yahritza y Su Esencia has become one of music’s most-buzzed-about groups. Led by 15-year-old vocalist Yahritza, the self-taught trio of musicians—consisting of Martinez siblings Yahritza, Armando (aka Mando) and Jairo—has shattered local and global records with their debut single, “Soy El Único,” which hit #1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart, became the highest-charting Regional Mexican song of all time and made Yahritza the youngest Latin performer to chart on the Hot 100 at #20. Hailing from Washington’s Yakima Valley, the powerhouse group continues to make waves with their latest EP, Obsessed. The five-track EP arrived on 4/22 and its lead single, “Déjalo Ir,” puts Yahritza’s penmanship and vocal prowess on full display, while brothers Jairo and Mando’s Sierreño musical accompaniment and background vocals elevate each track with soothing musical notes perfectly aligned to highlight Yahritza.
ALBUM: Obsessed (EP)
SINGLE: “Déjalo Ir”
LIVE: Performed a showcase at Winston House (4/29)
INTERNET: 5m+ monthly Spotify listeners; 29m+ Spotify streams on “Soy El Único”; trending on TikTok, 1.8m+ followers, 5.2m+ likes; featured on Spotify playlist like Viva Latino, sad sierreño, Éxitos USA, more; 181k+ Instagram followers
RADIO: “Déjalo Ir” added to KBUENA, more
PRESS: Rolling Stone, Remezcla, Bandmax, El Excelsior, more