HITS Daily Double


UMG chief and protector of the realm Sir Lucian Grainge made a point of calling out "merchants of garbage" during the label group's earnings call. In this particular case, it wasn't a reference to HITS.

As you may know, the DSPs are moving to adjust their payout models, with non-performing tracks and "noise" being demonetized and/or demoted to favor music, and fraud being penalized. Grainge explained to listeners that he is aiming his vitriol at certain parties who have been critical of the artist-centric royalty model he began championing early this year. "Those groups who have expressed a concern about artist centric," quoth Sir Grainge, "are those whose business model is based on being merchants of garbage."

"Sorry," he added, "I can’t really think of another word for content that no one really wants to listen to."

Ouch. Your move, trashmongers.