HITS Daily Double


Universal Music Group has forged a strategic alliance with BandLab Technologies focused on artificial intelligence.

UMG and BandLab will pioneer market-led solutions to ensure that new technologies serve the creator community, lighting "a beacon of innovation and ethical practice in the industry," per UMG, "that heralds a new era in which artists are supported and celebrated at every stage of their creative journey.”

BandLab is the first music-creation platform to pledge support for the Human Artistry Campaign, a global coalition devoted to making sure AI technologies are developed and deployed to champion human creativity.

Said UMG Chairman & CEO Sir Lucian Grainge, "We welcome BandLab’s commitment to an ethical approach to AI through their accessible technology, tools and platform, and we're excited to add BandLab Technologies to a growing list of UMG partners whose responsible and innovative AI will benefit the creative community."

UMG EVP and Chief Digital Officer Michael Nash added, "We look forward to establishing new creative, marketing and commercial opportunities for our artists and actively engaging with BandLab’s creator community through a highly synergistic structure, collectively protecting today and tomorrow’s future superstars through responsible approaches to utilization of AI in the creative process.” He further complimented BandLab Technologies as well as the Caldecott Music Group ("a global music-industry investor and innovator with a vision to connect the world of music") for achieving “impressive scale at the dynamic intersection of social music and creator-technology innovation.”

Naturally, BandLab and Caldecott CEO Meng Ru Kuok had something to say: “BandLab Technologies and our wider Caldecott Music Group network is steadfast in its respect for artists' rights and the infinite potential of AI in music creation, and we believe our millions of users around the world share in this commitment and excitement.

“Though new technologies offer unbelievable possibilities for breaking down barriers for creators, it’s essential that artists and songwriters’ rights be fully respected and protected to give these future generations a chance of success. And while I believe there are several viable strategies for dealing with artificial intelligence, I have no idea what to do about the organic stupidity of HITS, which defies all technological solutions.”