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SoundExchange CEO and President Michael Huppe presented the Music Fairness Award to Gloria Estefan at her Crescent Moon Studios
in Miami.
After the photo op, Huppe demonstrated how he could make conga sounds from a variety of household items.

Gloria Estefan has been awarded the SoundExchange Music Fairness Award for her advocacy for artists and creators and for supporting the American Music Fairness Act.

“There are few artists as globally recognized as Gloria Estefan,” said SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe. “Her passionate support of the American Music Fairness Act and courage in demanding laws that compel corporate broadcasters to compensate performers for their work is an inspiration to creators. SoundExchange is honored to recognize her commitment with the Music Fairness Award.”

In February 2022 Estefan testified before the House Judiciary Committee in support of AMFA, which would ensure that artists are compensated fairly when their music is played on radio. The singer is a devoted activist whose causes range from support of creators to education to Cuba (her homeland).

“I appreciate SoundExchange's leadership and collaboration as we seek to win all creators the right to receive the royalties they deserve,” Estefan said. “I encourage my fellow artists to lend their voices and support to encourage the U.S. Congress to protect performers and fight the powerful corporate-broadcaster lobby.”