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Usher has received the first SoundExchange Hall of Fame Award, celebrating his standing among the most-streamed creators in the organization’s 20-year history.

SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe presented the award to Usher backstage at Dolby Live at the Park MGM in Las Vegas, home of Usher’s My Way: The Las Vegas Residency.

“Usher has been making incredible chart-topping music for almost 30 years, and it is an honor to acknowledge his rightful place among the greatest artists of the era,” said Huppe. “As his My Way residency showcases, Usher is without a doubt one of the preeminent performers of our time. We are honored to acknowledge his impact and longevity with the SoundExchange Hall of Fame Award, which celebrates the hitmaker that he is.”

SoundExchange plans to bestow further Hall of Fame awards in conjunction with its 20th anniversary. Steroid users will be considered provided they've posted amazing stats.