HITS Daily Double


You already know that Monte and Avery Lipman were City of Hope's Spirit of Life honorees on 10/27 at L.A.'s Pacific Design Center. You're also likely aware that the event was studded with biz heavies and raised more than $4m to fight cancer and other dread diseases. You perhaps intuited that a lot of people who hadn't seen one another in person since the pandemic started fell on each other with glad cries. And you can't be surprised that we got our grubby mitts on a bunch of photos from the event. Sadly, there is still no known cure for us.

Billy Porter served as MC and sang (yes, we cried a little); other performers included Jack Johnson, the Jonas Brothers and rookie Sekou. A droll Succession-spoofing video saw Taylor Swift encouraging Avery to give Monte the heave-ho. It would've been a perfect evening but for the phalanx of trade-rag idiots at the back.

Seen just before resuming their choreography as Billy Porter's backup dancers are (l-r) Janet Lipman, Avery Lipman, Porter, Remy Lipman and Monte Lipman.

Seen wishing this powerhouse pic were running on a more prestigious website are (l-r) Virgin prez Jacqueline Saturn, UMG EVP Michele Anthony, Capitol Music Group ruler Michelle Jubelirer, CAA's Jenna Park Adler, UMPG Chairman/CEO Jody Gerson and UMG President of Global E-Commerce and Business Development Richelle Parham.

Seen here feeling the philanthropic festivity are (l-r) CAA Head of Music Rob Light, Epic Chair/CEO Sylvia Rhone, Warner Records Co-Chair/COO Tom Corson, iHeartMedia President/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame boss John Sykes, Warner Co-Chair/CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck and Hipgnosis honcho Merck Mercuriadis. Later, there was fierce bidding for a catalog of classic trade-rag captions.

UMG EVP, Marketing Andrew Kronfeld, Avery and UMG EVP, Chief People & Inclusion Officer Eric Hutcherson enjoy the in-person camaraderie while wishing we'd stay virtual.

Republic Co-President Wendy Goldstein is flanked by star artists John Legend and The Weeknd. Happily, everyone could feel their faces.

Avery, Giant Publishing's Shawn Holiday, artist Daniel Caesar, Republic Co-President Jim Roppo and Monte observe that standing absolutely still is one way to elude trade nerds.

The Lipman brothers and the Jonas Brothers compare notes on sibling harmony.

UMPG's Evan Lamberg, who co-hosted the event, promised UMG's Boyd Muir and Will Tanous that next time he'd try to move our table a little farther away from their line of sight.

Monte poses with event performer Jack Johnson and HITS COO Todd Hensley, whose tales of tuna fishing made his companions instantly drowsy.

If you can name everyone in this super-heavy tableau, you'll win a free lifetime subscription to our website!

HITS President Karen Glauber and iHeart's Lisa Worden both wondered how to switch to gallery view.

HITS COO Todd Hensley and SVP Simon Glickman take a brief break from annoying the crap out of everyone.

Our own Nicole Ghapgharan and Michael Dominguez momentarily suppressed the desire to look at their phones.

HITS' Rebecca Baltutis and Robin Gerber anticipated that it would be necessary to have this caption rewritten.