HITS Daily Double


In case you've been struggling to remember what month it is, we draw your attention to an album that may make you wonder what year it is. Limp Bizkit Still Sucks (due on Suretone on 10/31) recalls those halcyon days when bros were bros and a red ballcap just meant you were into Fred Durst, duuuuuude.

Of course, anyone who's truly surprised by the band's new release hasn't been paying attention; their appearance at Lollapalooza a few months back earned major buzz—by all accounts, they crushed it (see for yourself in the vid below). And Durst's new look (wavy hair, mustache, normcore attire) was the talk of the Interwebs. Is a Durst 2021 Halloween costume timed to coincide with the release of Still Sucks?

Meanwhile, "Jake Bacon" offers a learned assessment of the new album here.

In any case, Suretone boss Jordan Schur wants to make one thing perfectly clear: HITS still sucks more than anybody.