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The Willie Nelson Family, a 12-song country gospel-flavored offering from the Texas troubadour, will be released by Sony Legacy on 11/19.

First single "Family Bible" was issued today. Written in 1957, it’s one of Nelson's earliest compositions. He was inspired by his grandmother singing "Rock of Ages" and reading from the Bible after supper.

Nelson sold the song to Paul Buskirk, who enlisted singer Claude Gray to record it. His version went Top 10 at Country in February 1960.

Four of the performances on The Willie Nelson Family—"Heaven and Hell," "Kneel at the Feet of Jesus," "Laying My Burdens Down" and "Family Bible"—are among the last recordings Willie made with his longtime drummer and pal, Paul English.

Track Listing

  1. Heaven and Hell (Willie Nelson)
  2. Kneel at the Feet of Jesus (Willie Nelson)
  3. Laying My Burdens Down (Willie Nelson)
  4. Family Bible (Claude Gray, Paul Buskirk & Walt Breeland)
  5. In the Garden (traditional)
  6. All Things Must Pass (George Harrison)
  7. I Saw the Light (Hank Williams, Sr.)
  8. In God's Eyes (Willie Nelson)
  9. Keep It On the Sunnyside (A.P. Carter)
  10. I Thought About You, Lord (Willie Nelson)
  11. Too Sick To Pray (Willie Nelson)
  12. Why Me (Kris Kristofferson)