HITS Daily Double


In our new semi-regular feature, we shine a light on tracks that are buzzing in all the right places and pinging the radar. Don't take our word for it—just check out the numbers...


The song of the moment, "Moral of the Story" has caught fire at every platform. Although Ashe's song was released a year ago, its viral ascension was sparked by a hugely successful placement in Netflix's teen comedy To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, released on 2/12.

The film's lead, Lana Condor, even lip syncs the song into the camera during post-breakup montage while she lives through Ashe's playful, yet heart-wrenching lyrics.

Since the film hit Netflix, the track has now racked up over 100k videos on TikTok, while exploding at DSPs. It's now top 25 at Spotify U.S. and top 30 at Apple Music—zooming up both charts in just a matter of days. The FINNEAS-produced track was also added to both premiere Pop playlists, Today's Top Hits (Spotify) and Today's Hits (Apple) at the start of this week.

"Moral of the Story" has earned over 34m streams in the last two weeks. It was Shazam's Biggest Mover last week and is currently #1 on their U.S. Discovery chart. With major adds at KYSR-FM LA, KITS-FM San Francisco and Alt Nation, the track is poised to explode at Alternative radio.

Listen to the viral track and watch the film spot below.