HITS Daily Double


In our new semi-regular feature, we shine a light on tracks that are buzzing in all the right places and pinging the radar. Don't take our word for it—just check out the numbers.


The lead track from Baby Keem's 2019 mixtape Die For My Bitch, "Orange Soda" has been locked inside the top 100 on Spotify's U.S. chart for most of 2020. The bouncy cut's highest position so far has been #52, but likely isn't going away soon as it keeps gaining adds at Rhythm radio and should chart shortly. In December 2019, Spotify pushed the song in a RapCaviar campaign, where it still resides.

"Orange Soda" has racked up 85m streams (U.S.) and over 80k TikTok clips. At Apple Music, the track has been hovering just inside the top 100 for most of the year. It just surpassed 500k units in total activity, while averaging roughly 6.5m streams per week in 2020.