HITS Daily Double

Gary Calamar is a versatile fellow; he's been an ace music supervisor, radio personality, author and singer-songwriter, to name but a few of the capacities in which we've seen him operate. His latest offering finds him wearing his troubadour hat—it's a bright and reassuring pop tune with an uplifting message. 

'It was initially inspired by my beautiful, superstar wife, Ali, who is in a wheelchair after losing her leg to cancer,' he explains. 'When she is on her own in the chair she
often has trouble propelling herself when going up a ramp or traveling long distances. That’s where the song started, with me telling her, 'I’ll always be there to propel you,' and it grew from there. She is incredibly strong and brave and these days she propels me as much as I propel her.' 

Produced by John Would and featuring John and Amy Would and longtime associate Willie Aron, 'Rough Patch' offers just the sort of positivity and compassion a lot of us need right now. Meanwhile, you can hear Gary's fabulous radio show, The Open Road, every Sunday at 5pm on 88.5 The SoCal Sound, and 3 Body Problem, the new show from the creators of Game of Thrones (on which he serves as music supervisor), debuts on Netflix in March.