HITS Daily Double

By Karen Glauber

My kid has COVID and I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop on my single-vaxxed head. They’ve taken over the house and I’m in my room—masked, isolated and grateful for the distraction of work. Whatever happens, happens.

Hopefully, I can be in NYC on 3/11 for The 1975 on Saturday Night Live, with host Jenna Ortega. I hope that someone in charge enlists Matty Healy to dance with Jenna to “Goo Goo Muck.” How epic would that be? It’s fascinating that SiriusXM’s Hits 1 channel is giving “I’m in Love with You” 90+ spins a week, but Alternative radio still barely recognizes (with notable exceptions) that Matty is the biggest current Alternative SUPERSTAR that they have.

Do you know what’s going on in your market? Are you aware that beabadoobee put up a tour that sold out in minutes? The Greek Theatre in L.A. (cap. 6k) is one of the venues that went clean within moments. “The Perfect Pair” is at over 66 million global streams, and the song will be solidly in the Top 30 before my kid tests negative. Bea’s latest release, “Glue Song,” spent last week in the global Top 10 on Spotify, just in case I’m not making myself clear about how her career has blown up since you played “Care” two years ago.

Since my extracurricular activities are on pause for a while, I decided to entertain myself this morning by joining the queue for Cigarettes After Sex tickets for the aforementioned Greek Theatre. The moment tickets went on sale, they were gone, with the two Greek shows selling out in a heartbeat. Do you know how massive this band is? The 300th most-streamed artist at Spotify, in fact. “Apocalypse,” a song you might vaguely remember, reached ONE BILLION streams last week.

Sitting in the KROQ offices when Kevin and Miles decided to add “Apocalypse” was definitely a career highlight. They should still be playing it, since it appears that Cigarettes After Sex have been designated as THE BAND that kids want to listen to when they first discover pot and each other—Pink Floyd for Gen Z, as it were. I’m looking forward to sending the new single, “Pistol,” to Mark Hamilton—I know he’ll get it. Thank you, Mark, for adding beabadoobee at KNRK this week.

Lovejoy had a strong #2 Most Added first week at radio for “Call Me What You Like,” thanks to Dave Lombardi and his team. Please trust us when we tell you how big this band already is to millions of fans. Even without that insight, the song is extraordinary… Just got an email that Depeche Mode has added a THIRD Kia Forum show. Bravo to them and to Lisa Sonkin and Darice Lee on their incredible launch of the new Depeche single, “Ghosts Again.”

I used to call Scott Burton when he was a college-radio music director (WIDB). We bonded then, and many decades later, I’m still his cheerleader. Lots of cheers this week when KROQ added Caroline Polachek’s “Welcome to My Island.” Miles has been championing her for ages—a sold-out show at the Shrine is coming soon, and the heat surrounding Caroline has never been stronger. For fun, check out George Daniel and Charli XCX’s remix of “Welcome to My Island.” George is in The 1975, because all roads lead back to them.

Everybody loves CHVRCHES. Everybody loves their new single, “Over,” the band’s first for Island.

Jean Dawson, on Handwritten/Varick, is an artist who will redefine the mainstream. He’s doing your job for you. If I ever leave the house again, he’s the first artist I want to see perform. Jean has more swagger, charisma and talent than 90% of the artists on your playlist. “SICK OF IT” is a fantastic introduction to this career artist.

If you worked at a record company in the ’80s, then you’ve already seen Cocaine Bear. Thank you, and good night.

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