HITS Daily Double

By Karen Glauber

Happy Release Day for The Lumineers’ fourth album, BRIGHTSIDE! The plan was to be in NYC for partnered shows with SiriusXM and ALT 92.3, but opening act Omicron took a page out of the All About Eve script and upstaged our plans. Meanwhile, I’ve been reenacting scenes from Grey Gardens since 12/17—I’ve ventured out of the house for only a handful of hours since then. As I write this on Friday, KROQ’s Nicole Alvarez has just texted that she’ll play “Where We Are” at 12:30. I will celebrate from afar. For the past three Lumineers albums on Dualtone, they’ve had the #1 song at Alt and Triple A on release week—“BRIGHTSIDE” has been #1 at Alt for four weeks and #1 at Triple A for eight weeks. Prior to that, “Gloria” was #1 upon the band’s third album release, and “Ophelia” was #1 for the second album, for those keeping track (which would be me and me alone).

Tomorrow night is iHeart queen Lisa Worden’s Super Bowl, a sold-out ALTer EGO show happening at the Forum featuring some of the biggest bands in the format: Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Måneskin, Willow, Kings of Leon, Cannons, etc. Unfortunately, Lisa tested positive a few days ago and will be unable to attend her own event. This doesn’t diminish the once-in-a-lifetime lineup she’s assembled and the respect we have for her. Still, it sucks.

Gary Gorman, your friend and mine, moved his desk from one side of the living room to an east-facing view as he segues over to RCA, just in time to capitalize (see what I did here?) on The Bleachers’ appearance on SNL as musical guests. Congrats to Gary on the new gig and to Jack Antonoff for being the second Jewish RCA artist to appear on SNL in the past year (Doja Cat was the first). Shabbat shalom, everybody.

Over at Capitol, Dan Connelly—whom I used to affectionately refer to as “The Boyfriend to the World” because he was the perfect +1 for any occasion—has added Alt promotion to his CV, under the guidance of Greg Marella, on the cusp of the new (genius) Bob Moses single, “Love Brand New.” COIN’s “Chapstick” is turning into the research gem we knew it would be, with Alt Nation’s Jeff Regan leading the charge (as he always is).

During the break, Cannons’ “Bad Dream” evolved into one of the best-testing songs at the format, now warranting Power airplay from both stations in L.A., among others. Columbia’s Lisa Sonkin and Darice Lee have been tenacious in their quest to have another #1 Cannons single, and the proof is in the call-out!

KNRK adding Wet Leg’s “Chaise Longue” this week is a clear sign that this song has yet to reach its potential at radio. The upcoming tour sold out in minutes, and TV is clamoring to book this band. Radio often gets distracted by shiny new objects and misses the chance to let the market develop a record and then tee it up for a bigger swing. “Chaise Longue” was everybody’s favorite song last year. It’s not too late to play this hit!

I’m “that person” who texts Chris Muckley every time I hear a song I like on XMU. Usually, it’s a song by Spoon (because I love them), and I’m absolutely obsessed with their upcoming album, Lucifer on the Sofa, including the new single, “Wild.” Most of my current favorite songs are XMU hits that SHOULD be Alternative smashes, like “The Only Heartbreaker” by Mitski (co-written by my friend Dan Wilson), “Once Twice Melody” by Beach House (couldn’t love this band more), “Oxygen” by Beach Bunny (who are on the precipice of superstardom) and “Valentine” by Snail Mail. The secret weapon to breaking these songs at Alt goes by the names Hilary, Michelle, Christy, Shawn, Lisa, Jenna and Christine, to name a few. The women pick the hits—always have and always will.

It’s impossible not to notice that Phoebe Bridgers has reached icon status—top-line billing at Coachella and a passionate following. It’s time to revisit MUNA’s “Silk Chiffon” (featuring Phoebe), which is at 14m Spotify streams. Seems obvious, right?

SONG TO HEAR: girlfriends’ “Tattoo,” as heard on KTCL and WSUN.

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