HITS Daily Double

By Karen Glauber

Måneskin, everybody’s favorite Continental heartthrobs (besides Nick Petropoulos), have two songs ruling the streaming world: “Beggin’,” which Audacy chose to add this week, and the rock anthem “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE,” made even more anthemic with the addition of Iggy Pop’s vocals on a new version released last week. For some of us, any time Iggy joins the party, it’s a big fucking deal. Is it tragic or a fact of evolution that most Alt programmers have never heard The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” which was the inspiration for Måneskin’s global hit?

For a format that was built on punk rock, the current iteration only goes back as far as blink-182 and Green Day for its influences. Does history even matter? Does an encyclopedic knowledge of music mean anything other than as a catalyst to assemble a friend group of former rock critics and ’80s indie musicians? I was talking to a programmer about one of my favorite new songs, “Record Player” by Daisy the Great x AJR, remarking that it reminds me of The Roches. Papa Roach? No, The Roches. Like, “We are Maggie and Terre and Suzzy.” Blank stares.

Have you heard Wet Leg’s “Chaise Longue” on Domino? Doesn’t it remind you of Le Tigre’s 1999 song, “Deceptacon?” Actually, that comparison was pointed out to me by Garett Michaels, so yeah, there are times when I can still nerd out. What are the metrics? How about: Do you like it? Do you think it will appeal to the demo you’re targeting? Isn’t the unofficial official mandate to now target an older demo? If that’s the case, then it’s almost impossible for someone of a certain age, especially a fan of Alternative radio, to hear something new and not be reminded of something they’ve heard before. Still, if we’re going to move forward as a format, which I fear that I care about more than do most radio programmers, where’s the risk in playing new music?

One of the biggest hits of this summer could be this new Dirty Heads single, “Rage,” featuring Aimee Interrupter. There’s a new Dirty Heads smash every summer—the band has taken over the summer slot that used to be owned by Incubus and 311, and “Rage” will be another huge song for the band, just as their previous single, “Vacation,” is enjoying a resurgence at the format. The Dirty Heads/Sublime With Rome tour starts next week and goes through the end of October. I’ll be at home watching Bachelor in Paradise for the foreseeable future, but I can help you out with tickets, should your future plans include being out among people.

CONGRATS to our friend Leslie Scott on her promotion to VP/Audacy Exclusive Stations. Since I’ve known Leslie since she was in college, and as one of her self-appointed yenta aunts (along with Nan Fisher), I’m confident that she will absolutely slay in her new position. Who will fill her ALT RVP Programming/Band Manager position? Let the “names” begin.

The insanity of overnight airplay at small-market stations is a financial burden that could kill the format. Nobody thinks this is good business, but everybody is desperate for a way to start new records, especially if the metrics (that really only apply when a PD doesn’t like a song) aren’t there yet. Ted and I dream about the chart changing to an audience chart, which would truly reflect the success of a record, or weighting stations, or even eliminating overnight airplay from counting toward the chart. I know there are PDs who say the chart doesn’t matter, but, like their ratings (where one meter can make or break their month), it’s the report card by which our success is measured.

Nobody can diminish the achievement of a #1 record, so congrats to our friend Christine Chiappetta on her #1 success with Modest Mouse’s “We Are Between.” Her first project at Epic went to #1—major congrats!

SONG OF THE SUMMER 2.0: girlfriends’ “Tattoo” on Big Noise Records.

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