HITS Daily Double

By Karen Glauber

I was 28 in 1990 when I began what I thought would be a one-year “stopover” at HITS (until my next major-label gig materialized). Next week, I can say that I’ve worked for Dennis and Lenny from 20-something to the age where my high school friends are posting pictures of travels with their grandchildren and purchases made with their senior discounts. I have a 12-year-old son (whose namesake is Julian Cope). I have a job I love. I am able to work with the absolute best artists while mentoring the next generation(s) of women in the business. Maybe someday I’ll even leave the house. There’s a lot to be grateful for as I near the next milestone birthday.

I’d hoped to be at Red Rocks last weekend for Guster’s sold-out show with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. I was their first music publisher, and during that era, they played on my back patio with my friends Semisonic (during the height of “Closing Time”). Remember that night? On Sunday, 23 years later, I was having a cathartic sob-fest while watching the livestream of my favorite Guster song, “Two Points for Honesty,” knowing that I played a small part in their career. Maybe I’ll write a book someday about the world of “alternative” music (working title: Goddess of the Unrecouped)—I’ve devoted my life to this genre.

Someone from R.E.M. headquarters reached out last week because Bertis Downs, the band’s manager, wants to send me the 40th anniversary pressing of “Radio Free Europe,” which was the single that started it all for many of us. R.E.M., The Violent Femmes and The Dream Syndicate were the bands that inspired me to pivot from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations to a $100/week gig at A&M Records. Best decision I ever made.

The sweetest part of the job has always been playing a role in an artist’s success. I’ve always said that every time I’m asked to listen to a new song, I hope that this is the song that changes the artist’s life. Or, better yet, YOUR life—wouldn’t that be amazing?

Since this issue is devoted to new and developing artists, let’s focus on that, shall we? Nick Petropoulos was #1 Most Added last week with Måneskin’s “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE,” including at 98.7 and X96, and the band was named Audacy’s coveted “Pick of the Week.” Is a version of this global smash featuring Iggy Pop soon to be a reality—or did I conjure that up in a post-COVID fever dream? This record is as close to a no-brainer as exists right now. Please don’t overthink it.

The lure of Limp Bizkit and Journey performing at this year’s Lollapalooza wasn’t quite enough to get me to Chicago this week. For those who had FOMO while watching the Woodstock 99 documentary, Saturday night is for you; I’ll be home celebrating Kate Bush’s birthday (July 30) and watching Say Yes to the Dress. The band I would want to see is Cannons. “Fire for You” is having yet another moment after its return placement in Never Have I Ever, while their new single, “Bad Dream,” is a big fat smash at KKDO, whose PD, Andy Hawk, is always two steps (or months) ahead of everyone else.

David Jacobs is about to break SEB’s “seaside_demo” wide open. If you’re nice, maybe he’ll also play you the new Courtney Barnett!

My favorite songs are always the ones with swagger, and the best ones right now are by female artists: The Linda Lindas’ “Oh!,” beabadoobee’s “Cologne,” Willow’s “transparentsoul,” and, of course, AURORA’s “Cure for Me” and CHVRCHES’ “He Said She Said.” The new song I can’t wait for you to hear is Wet Leg’s “Chaise Longue” on Domino. I’m completely obsessed.

All Time Low made the smartest move of their career by including Pale Waves on their new single, “PMA” (“Post Modern Anxiety”)… Wouldn’t it be fantastic if girl in red’s “Serotonin” went to #1?

SONG TO HEAR: MOD SUN’s “Karma”—20 million streams and counting!


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