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(A KG25 Q&A)

He was a punk before you were a punk. Massachusetts native Gerard Cosloy got into the Boston hardcore scene early, putting together shows and starting the mimeographed fanzine Conflict before taking a grown-up job running indie label Homestead and moonlighting as a DJ at WFMU, while also playing in the Air Traffic Controllers. Cosloy’s profile rose considerably after he co-founded Matador Records at the dawn of the ’90s, as he went on to become one of the quintessential characters of the alternative era, working with the likes of Pavement, Guided by Voices and Liz Phair—he also played with G.G. Allin for a time, so it’s obvious that he has a strong stomach. Whip-smart and highly opinionated, Cosloy doesn’t suffer fools gladly, so it’s shocking to find him slumming in this sorry rag.

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