HITS Daily Double

On Saturday night, pop royalty--and a huge ensemble of veteran L.A. musicians--gathered at the Alex Theatre in Glendale for a benefit for the Autism Think Tank.

The sold-out show, hosted by Chris Carter ("Breakfast With the Beatles" host on KLOS and, of course, founding member of Dramarama) under the auspices of The Wild Honey Orchestra, found this large troupe playing The Beatles' White Album (officially known as The Beatles) in its entirety. In addition to the multiple guitarists, keyboardists and drummers there was a complete string section and a complete horn section, the better to recreate every last sublime note.

Among the guest performers was a pop idol I'd never met before: Gary Wright, the genius behind "Dream Waver" and "Love Is Alive" (and founding member of Spooky Tooth, but you knew that). Meeting him was the highlight of a night full of highlights. Gary sang a powerful version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," which earned roars of approval from the capacity crowd (a crowd, I should add, filled with virtually every pop geek in town).

Also wonderful: my houseguests, the great Mitch Easter and the very gifted Brett Harris, as well as Fountains of Wayne's Chris Collingswood, Translator, Susan Cowsill, Vicki and Debbi Peterson of The Bangles, Iain Matthews of Fairport Convention, The Three O'Clock, Damon Fox, Django Haskins and too many more to mention.

The band, led by Rob Laufer and featuring guest guitarist Dave Gregory of XTC, was impeccable; special kudos to Jim Mills, Heidi Servey and Darian Sahanaja for recreating "Revolution 9" from scratch, which momentarily made me wish I still did drugs.

A splendid time was had by all. And I met Gary Wright!

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