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WAH WAH: Today would’ve been George Harrison’s 71st birthday. My favorite Beatle, whose All Things Must Pass is one of my favorite albums (minus a chunk of the third disc). In his honor, I’ve had “Wah-Wah” on repeat all day, except for the ten minute drive to my son’s school, during which a triple play of “Everything is Awesome!!!” (from the Lego Movie) is requested/demanded. Maybe you know/ don’t know, but I’ve been in an emotional/mental black hole for the past few weeks. Not depressed, but anxious, exhausted, angry and sad for my son, for whom the novelty of “Two bedrooms! Two sets of toys!” wore off after the first week. We’re in week two, and I’ve found myself wallowing in new music (since drugs are no longer an option). Like a post-adolescent, I find myself OBSESSED with the wealth of great songs that are either already doing well, or on deck at the Modern Rock. I can’t hear Phantogram’s “Fall in Love” enough. The song is magic, as evidenced by its vivid Shazam presence and the Top 20 sales debut…. A strong sales debut is expected this week for another favorite, St. Vincent, another in a series of stellar records for Ron Cerrito and John DiMaio at Republic. A band that Ron has been championing for ages, Birds of Tokyo, with the single “Lanterns,” had another phenomenal week at radio, plus an equally great show­ing with the new AFI single “A Deep Slow Panic”…. Dennis Blair and Jeff Gillis were Most Added with the Kings of Leon single that programmers were clamoring for, “Wait for Me,” and their Bleachers (Jack from fun.) is everybody’s favorite. (Side bar: If Jack ever wants to know what his girlfriend will be like in 30 years, he should meet me. Minus any discernible talent, wealth and Vogue cover. But we did both go to Oberlin, so there’s that)… But I digress. Lo-Fang is another artist I’m crushing on, especially “When We’re Fire.” He’s currently opening for Lorde, and I expect that this will build into a cultural game-changer. I’m already besotted…. I hope you’re enjoy­ing the Broken Bells record as much as I am. Nothing like a falsetto to calm a restless heart. Mike and Amanda at Columbia are already Top 5 with Foster the People, Most Added with Ms MR, and they’re also the guardians of the Cherub single “Doses and Mimosas,” which debuted #1 on Shazam in L.A. after the first KROQ spins…. Lots of buzz around the Broods record on Capitol, while Bill and Howard will assuredly have another Top 10 Bastille single any moment. Lest us not neglect our beloved Arcade Fire, who embark on their US tour next week, including headlining Coachella. Google Arcade Fire’s Tonight Show performance of “Afterlife,” and I DARE you to tell me there’s a better live band of this era…. Equally inspiring is Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” which, besides being my theme song, has now charted at Modern Rock, with new adds every week… I’m looking forward to seeing Wild Cub, hopefully during SxSW. C3’s Joe Greenwald and the RED team are on fire with this record. This SxSW marks my “2nd Annual Stalking of Syd Arthur,” whose first US release is on Harvest. Last year, I saw Syd Arthur play seven times, I think…. Rob Goldklang will be everybody’s best friend with the release of a new Black Keys single within the next 4 weeks. The format could use a shot of swagger, although KONGOS “Come With Me Now” is certainly providing its own healthy dose. Speaking of KONGOS, I’ve STILL never seen anything like it: A brand new band going Top 10 in 5 weeks—can you think of another example? Talk about MAGIC… What band at SxSW is going to change my life? Email me: Ivanageek@ aol.com.
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