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WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU: Every few days someone will say to me, “I don’t know how you do it.” While that could apply to many aspects of my life, the “it” being referenced is radio promotion, specifically Modern Rock (since that’s what I do). Radio programmers have never been less appreciative or less willing to do the right thing. Calls and emails go unre­turned, and business stays unfinished, regardless of pressing deadlines. So we (promotion people) turn to each other to share war stories, while the sense of entitlement among radio programmers increases in inverse relation to market size (it often gets worse as the market gets smaller). If the charts were ever based on audience, and not the archaic notion that a spin is a spin, regardless of where it’s from, most of the worst offend­ers would be rendered powerless. Helping a programmer out of a bind, which is a major part of our job as their unofficial Concierge, is rarely acknowledged, and certainly never rewarded. It’s expected. Rudeness, arrogance and unreasonable expectations prevail. It’s no wonder I feel so terrible about myself on Tuesdays at 4PM. By the way, we know you do shitty business and you shouldn’t expect a call back from us when you (inevitably) lose your job or move to the home office to work for an app. These are the moments we live for.... However, there are two smaller market stations that should be hailed for their business acumen and impressive track record: WWCD and WEQX. Both are expected to start every new record, yet, with all of the pressure being put on them, they are still passionate about music. I use WWCD’s research as a barometer for a song’s potential at mainstream Modern Rock. Had Tame Impala’s “Elephant” not been among Lesley James’ best testing songs for 2012, I might not have worked it at Modern Rock. She was right—the song turned out to be a smash at the format…. Ted and I have a new phrase we use in conversation, “WWDBD”—aka What Would Dennis Blair Do? Besides taking every song he works Top 10 (Lorde’s “Team” is the next up), Dennis’ next big move is to join Joe Riccitelli’s team at RCA, starting in 2014, where his first order of business will be to remind Dave Grohl that he used to be “his guy” during his first go-round at RCA, and to grow a beard worthy of Kings of Leon. And then he will take King’s “Temple” Top 10 and break Mikky Ekko…. Rumors abound regarding Dennis’ replacement at Universal/Republic. Word has it that it’s an LA-based gig, still yet to be filled. I was asked if I’d ever return to a major label. Not a chance—my jersey was retired in 1990, after 8 years at A&M (back when it was fun)…. Congrats to Mike DePippa and Amanda Walk on their launch of Broken Bells’ “Holding on for Life.” I absolutely adore this song! They’re also Top 15 with MS MR and Neighbourhood’s “Afraid—what a great year those two have had!... Christine Chiappetta is nearing Top 20 on The Airborne Toxic Event’s “Hell and Back” and the first batch of MScores are MAGNIFICENT!! She’s also finding love for Jake Bugg’s spectacular new single, “What Doesn’t Kill You” (not to be confused with the Linkin Park lyric, “what doesn’t kill you makes you more strong.”)…. KROX and WXRT added Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife” this week. The band’s 2014 STADIUM tour goes on sale this Friday, with heavy involvement from Modern Rock, Triple A and Non-comm…. Congrats to Brett Greenberg at Epitaph for the progress he’s making on Man Man’s “Head On.” This song sounds amazing on the radio…. Give a listen to Dave Lombardi’s Parade of Lights record—there’s definitely something special to it…. My pretend boyfriend (he wishes) Nick Petropoulos is breaking Chvrches’ “Mother We Share.” The band sold out the Wiltern last night! This is HVGE!!.... SONG TO HEAR: Arcade Fire’s “Afterlife.”
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