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A BODY IN MOTION TENDS TO STAY IN MOTION: I thought I’d defied the cosmic forces at work this past week, somehow barreling through the first days of Mercury in retrograde, not to mention the rare full “Honey” moon, followed by Friday the 13th. It was a lovely weekend, in fact, punctuated by a continuous loop of the new Spoon album They Want My Soul, except for a track or two from the Led Zeppelin reissues. Apparently, food poisoning was what’s for dinner on Sunday night (or, as I viewed it, “jumpstart your summer diet!”) and then I woke up this morning covered in a red rash over 100% of my body. I asked my doctor if I had developed an allergic reaction to Tuesdays. It’s a virus, he replied, and now I’m taking a steroid that should enable my lifelong dream of joining the German women’s shot put team. It’s a cruel, cruel summer, indeed…One year ago today (!) my son Julian and I became besotted with Pharrell’s “Happy” (from Despicable Me 2, as any parent knows), and it became our first-ever shared “Song of the Summer.” 10 million plays in the car later, I’m still not sick of it, a true KEY to any song worthy of being the SOTS. So what songs, currently on Modern Rock radio, could be contend­ers for this year’s SOTS? The first vote I’m casting is for Joywave’s “Tongues,” which is an ecstatic throwback that reminds me of WLIR, Rockpool, Willobee, ESG, the Guggenheim Museum (while high), Danceteria and Fiorucci, mixed with Nu Shooz “I Can’t Wait”—and sounds like an absolute SMASH. I’m a big believer…If you share my Shazam obsession then you’re aware that “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance is on its way to further global dominance with a big Stateside hit. Modern Rock airplay = Top 10 Shazam. Big Data’s “Dangerous,” now Top 10 at the format, thanks to the tireless efforts of Garrett Capone and Rob Goldklang is also an unmitigated smash, and therefore an obvious entry into the SOTS sweepstakes…. KONGOS’ “Come With Me Now” maintains its perch in the Top 5, while stations are quickly jumping on the follow-up, “I’m Only Joking,” which we already know, based on airplay at WKQX in early January, is going to be a hit. I was with the band in Seattle and Portland recently, and the audience response to “Joking” was as fanatical as “Come With Me Now.” It’s a SUMMER ANTHEM, I tell you… How exciting to see SiriusXM’s Jeff Regan add Future Islands’ “Seasons (Waiting On You)” to AltNation this week! This is definitely one of my Top 5 songs of 2014 and Risa Matsuki at Beggars won’t rest until the band has its moment in the sun… Will Dennis Blair add another #1 to his resume with Bleachers’ “I Wanna Get Better?” Of course he will. He also has a SOTS shot with “Rude” by Magic! (although Sia’s “Chandelier” has edged it out on my personal list)…Thanks to Mike DePippa for invit­ing me and Ted to the KROQ breakfast with Jack White. The inter­view was especially compelling, since Jack and hosts Kevin and Bean share a depth of knowledge about all types of music. “Lazaretto,” of course, is an obvious choice for SOTS. Bring on the swagger… Wild Cub’s “Thunder Clatter” is making its way towards Top 10, after months of stealth growth and fantastic call-out. Dave Barbis and Joe Greenwalt have worked this song perfectly… Joe Guzik has launched the new Twin Atlantic single, “Heart and Soul,” with torches blaz­ing. KPNT is leading the way of early believers.... My beloved Lazlo and I are equally obsessed with two songs: Glass Animals’ “Gooey” and OK GO’s’ “Writing’s on the Wall” (which will remind you of your favorite New Order song, whichever one it was)…. SONG TO HEAR: Spoon’s “Rent I Pay,” the first song from They Want My Soul, already on XMU, KROX, KNRK, WXRT and WEQX…What’s YOUR pick for SOTS? Email me: [email protected].
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