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FEELS LIKE WE ONLY GO BACKWARDS: The radio game is not for the faint of heart or the fragile of ego. For every rare Tuesday when the adds pour in and you feel a real sense of accomplishment and mastery, the majority of our time is spent in search of someone else’s reality (we’re dealing with art, therefore opinions are subjec­tive), where silence is the new “no.” I guess I’d describe my job as being a battering ram for new music, doing my best to redefine what is considered “mainstream” by promoting bands I love as directly and effectively as possible… Indie rock is a particularly high risk/ high reward game. Not only are you trying to prove to radio that these bands are meaningful and not out of the realm of commercial possibility, but half the challenge is convincing bands that have thus far succeeded on “their own terms” that commercial airplay is worth coveting and working towards. Ultimately, most artists that are truly special aspire to have as many people hear their music as possible, as long as they don’t feel like they’re “selling out.” Our role is to ALWAYS do what’s right for the artist, even if it isn’t at the pace that would be most advantageous to chart success. I have never met an artist who made records so they could hang out with radio people. Except maybe that dude Mitch from SR-71—he attended many more radio conventions than I ever did. Nice guy—hope he’s doing well… I, for one, am never comfortable playing “fast and loose” with someone else’s career, whether it’s a radio programmer, label peer, and especially not with artists. The same consideration is rarely afforded me, but again, it’s part of the “game” I’ve chosen to play. The other day a friend asked me what I was looking for in a relation­ship. My answer was that I’m definitely NOT looking for a relation­ship (what a disappointment, said nobody), but in order to feel nor­mal, I’d have to choose someone who made me feel terrible about myself, just like radio promotion. So why do it? Because there’s no better feeling of exhilaration for a promotion person than hearing a song you’re working on the radio, and knowing that you had role in it being played. For those of us whose “life was changed by rock ‘n’ roll,” there’s no choice other than to try to make a difference in an artist’s career. The Tuesday “report card” is the barometer of the week—once the last station reports, you’re done. For every PD that disappointed you or didn’t come through, the game starts up again on Wednesday. Every week unfolds like a Greek tragedy or comedy, depending on your level of masochism. Today was brutal. I wouldn’t wish today on my worst enemy. Ted agrees—says his day was equally rough. Tomorrow, who knows?... Another big week for Arcade Fire at radio! “Reflektor” is the band’s fastest-rising single, already Top 20, and excitement for the Oct. 29 album release is palpable (just ask Miles Anzaldo). It’s an absolute thrill… Huge buzz on Haim’s “The Wire,” with early adds from Alt Nation and 98.7. I’m always partial to Jewish girls making records. L’Chaim to them!... Another big week with Chvrches, following their #12 sales debut with over 20k sold! This record, like Nick Petropoulos, is magic… AWOLNATION is back with another smash, “Thiskidisnotalright,” just as “Sail” reaches 100 million spins at Modern Rock… SONG TO HEAR: Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwords” (it will be your favorite song of 2013).
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