HITS Daily Double


Ticketmaster has struck up a partnership with Shazam to make it easier to purchase concert tickets, building on its collaborations with TikTok and Snapchat. Ticketmaster's integration with Shazam enables artists to link their Ticketmaster events directly in the app so fans have access to their itineraries whenever they Shazam a track.

A reported 42% of fans said they didn’t attend a concert they wanted to see because they didn't know about it. So Ticketmaster has tapped Meghan Trainor, NIKI and Peach Tree Rascals to show fans how to use Shazam, TikTok and Snapchat to source tickets in a campaign called “Music Finds You.”

“At Ticketmaster, we're constantly working to enhance the live-event experience," said Ticketmaster EVP, Distributed Commerce Dan Armstrong. "Our collaborations with platforms like Shazam are designed to make it easy for artists to connect their fans to their live events. By seamlessly integrating ticket purchases with moments of musical discovery, we're not only ensuring fans never miss out on unforgettable live shows but also fostering a deeper connection with the artists they love.”

Whereas Ticketmaster's relationship with Shazam is making sure fans don’t miss out on shows, we're asked to kindly not attend.