HITS Daily Double


American country music got a big international boost last weekend at London's BST Hyde Park, with Morgan Wallen headlining the event on 7/4 and Shania Twain performing on 7/7.

In celebration, Country Music Association VP/International Relations and Development Milly Olykan and Wallen presented BST's promoters, Live Nation VP/Touring Anna Sophie-Mertens and AEG CEO/European Festival Division Jim King, with a guitar emblazoned with the word "thanks."

“As the fastest-growing genre in the U.K., thanks to countless artists focused on building a global audience, we are grateful for the foundation that has been laid, which has led to opportunities like BST Hyde Park, and we're more excited than ever to see what’s to come," Olykan said.

Sadly, all HITS got was dirt blown in our face and mud caked on our new Tecovas.

Photo: David Lehr