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Donald Glover has released the first song from his new film, Bando Stone & the New World, and accompanying Childish Gambino soundtrack in the form of "Lithonia," out now on RCA.

As an organ lightly swells in the background, Glover bemoans that "nobody gives a fuck" before uncharacteristic bursts of electric guitar take over the soundscape. This is definitely not the Childish Gambino of, say, 2013's Because the Internet.

The song was written by Glover with Ludwig Göransson, Max Martin, Michael Uzowuru and Riley Mackin.

Glover stars in, produced and directed Bando Stone, the first trailer for which emerged Sunday during the BET Awards. In it, he attempts to survive on what appears at first to be an uninhabited tropical island as enormous CGI creatures chase him and a mother-and-son duo with whom he's reluctantly teamed. Stone is purported to be a former pop star in the film's storyline.

The accompanying Bando Stone soundtrack will be released 7/19 by RCA. Glover has previously said it will serve as his final album under the Childish Gambino moniker.

The film, which has no release date, was written by Evi Wilder and produced through Glover's Gilga banner with RCA.

If you're still with us, note that Glover previously announced his AEG-promoted New World Tour, which will begin 8/11 in Oklahoma City and wrap 10/3 in Chicago. European and Australian dates will run through early 2025, with WILLOW and Amaarae confirmed as openers.

Beforehand, he'll host an "exclusive interactive experience," including the first chance to hear the Bando Stone soundtrack, on 7/6 at Little Island astride the Hudson River in midtown Manhattan. Click here for further details.