HITS Daily Double


In its third week of activity, Billie Eilish’s HIT ME HARD AND SOFT (Darkroom/Interscope) is maintaining its grip on the marketplace behind huge streaming cuts.

Fans have picked “BIRDS OF A FEATHER” as their latest favorite; the track had its best-performing week yet and surpassed first single “LUNCH” at DSPs—both songs earned around 50m streams this week in the U.S. So far, HIT ME has 440m+ audio streams as it crosses 600k in ATD. Meanwhile, “LUNCH” has a closed-out panel and is approaching Top 10 at Pop radio.

Team Darkroom/Interscope has multiple plates spinning, with "CHIHIRO" generating nearly 40m+ weekly streams in the U.S. and its brand new video, directed by the Academy Award-winning phenom herself, having already racked up 3.7m views on YouTube.

Globally, these three tracks from HIT ME have all surpassed 100m streams on Spotify, while the album is approaching 1b streams on the DSP heading into its fourth week. At TikTok, the trio of songs have combined for 500k+ creations, with “BIRDS” the most viral at the moment as it moves to #4 on the platform's U.S. music chart.

How many more non-singles from the set will continue to boom? For now, a three-headed monster ain’t bad.