HITS Daily Double


Something absolutely fantastic is happening. Music’s biggest stars are delivering great new releases in every genre and the listening public is eating it up.

Yes, it is getting exciting again to be a music consumer. After a nearly three-year pandemic period that caused isolation, loneliness and desperation, the confluence of live performance, communal behavior and exciting releases has energized the music space across the board.

While last year was dominated by everything Taylor, the emergence of música Mexicana and some megastars of new country, this year has already given us the return of great hip-hop and R&B with music from Future/Metro Boomin and the growth of Bryson Tiller, the much-heralded excitement of 27 new Beyoncé songs to cherish, the pop/rock joy of new Olivia Rodrigo and Ariana Grande smashes, the return to greatness from Hozier, the breakthrough hits from Benson Boone, Teddy Swims and incredible new streaming champs with breakout music such as Djo, Artemas, Tyla, Michael Marcagi and from potential stars with emerging hits such as Dasha and Red Clay Strays and Good Neighbors and Tucker Wetmore.

And it’s only the beginning. Babe Ruth, oops … I mean Taylor Swift, is coming with new music in two weeks to disrupt everything, while Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish aren’t far behind. There are expectations for new Morgan Wallen music, and it wouldn’t be surprising coming from Zach Bryan, who seems to have a constant flow of activity.

Of course, I’m forgetting some people and, of course, there will be lots more. But really, just think about it. This is all fantastic and coming from every possible musical avenue. The post-pandemic musical landscape is finally upon us. And so far, so great.