HITS Daily Double


ONErpm has launched two new entities, ONErpm Enterprise Solutions and OFFstep.com.

ONErpm Enterprise Solutions is a SAAS (software as a service) platform that meets the needs of record labels and content owners seeking to grow. The administrative system can streamline digital distribution of music and videos and other day-to-day operations, including managing artist marketing campaigns, assigning work tasks to employees and setting up payments.

OFFstep is billed as "the most complete do-it-yourself, digital music distribution solution available." It invites users to release their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, TikTok et al. and get paid 100% of their royalties and maintain all of their rights.

Said ONErpm CEO Emannuel Zunz: "We want to partner with like-minded companies who need the technology and tools we've developed to take their business to the next level. Many labels struggle to grow in an increasingly competitive environment where having robust tech would give them a competitive edge. For years we've invested in marketing personnel and built a global marketing infrastructure that can render services at scale while tackling the challenges of a constantly evolving digital market. At the same time, transforming ONErpm’s basic distribution service into OFFstep has been a long time coming."

With the addition of ONErpm’s publishing division and creative arm, ONErpm Studios, the company now spans five distinct entities, collectively providing a wider array of services to stakeholders in the music industry. Collectively, we have about ONEbraincell left after trying to understand all this. For more information, click here.