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The majority of fans worldwide believe human creativity remains essential in the age of artificial intelligence and that an artist’s copyright should not be used without permission, according to a study from IFPI.

Titled Engaging With Music 2023, the study recorded responses from more than 43k people in 26 countries. Eighty-nine percent of respondents were aware of AI.

For those cognizant of the technology's capabilities, 76% say an artist's music or vocals should not be used or ingested by AI without permission. Seventy-four percent agreed that AI should not be used to clone or impersonate artists without authorization.

Fans also supported the need for transparency, with 73% agreeing that an AI system should clearly list any music that it has ingested or used for training. And the majority of respondents recognized the need to establish rules for AI systems; seventy percent said there should be restrictions on what AI can do and 64% said governments should play a role in that.

Nearly eight in 10 fans (79%) say human creativity remains essential to the creation of music.

"While music fans around the world see both opportunities and threats for music from artificial intelligence, their message is clear: Authenticity matters,” said IFPI Chief Executive Frances Moore. “These are timely reminders for policymakers as they consider how to implement standards for responsible and safe AI."