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President Biden has signed an executive order establishing new standards for artificial-intelligence safety and security. It will protect Americans’ privacy, advance equity and civil rights, stand up for consumers and workers and promote innovation and competition.

The order requires developers of the most powerful AI systems to share their safety test results and other critical information with the U.S. government.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology will set the standards for extensive red-team testing to ensure safety before public release while the Department of Homeland Security will apply those standards to critical infrastructure sectors and establish the AI Safety and Security Board.

The Department of Commerce will develop guidance for content authentication and watermarking to clearly label AI-generated content.

The president also called on Congress to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation to protect privacy, strengthen privacy-preserving research and technologies, and evaluate how agencies collect and use commercially available information.

Biden also asks that landlords, federal benefits programs, and federal contractors keep AI algorithms from being used to exacerbate discrimination.

He also asks for the acceleration of rapid hiring of AI professionals as part of a government-wide AI talent surge led by the Office of Personnel Management, U.S. Digital Service, U.S. Digital Corps, and Presidential Innovation Fellowship. Agencies will provide AI training for employees at all levels in relevant fields.

Read the entire executive order here.