HITS Daily Double


If you thought Taylor Swift's pop-cultural omnipresence had peaked, think again. With the release date for 1989 (Taylor's Version) mere hours away, Swifties are in an absolute froth. Naturally, the Republic megastar has provided multiple ways to consume her retooled pop breakthrough.

At Target, fans will be able to cop the album on standard CD or a deluxe CD with a poster in three different colors. They can also grab a Target-exclusive vinyl edition in tangerine.

At Swift's online store, vinyl will be available in four colors—Crystal Skies Blue, Rose Garden Pink, Aquamarine Green and Sunrise Boulevard Yellow—with standard CD and deluxe CDs obtainable in the same four hues. Each deluxe edition will include one of four sets of double-sided collectible photo cards (five in each set) boasting never-before-seen photos and lyrics from "The Vault." A cassette in Aquamarine Green and, of course, the digital album will also be on the menu. Additionally, to match an offering from 2022's Midnights, there are two film strip display shelves, one for the CDs ($39.89) and one for the LPs ($49.89).

1989 (Taylor's Version) is scheduled to arrive on Friday (10/27), when pandemonium will inevitably ensue. In an unrelated story, can we borrow your credit card for a minute?