HITS Daily Double


When the final numbers are tallied for the weekend box office, the fourth edition of Lionsgate’s Expendables series is expected to land right behind The Nun II.

The Sylvester Stallone-Jason Statham action thriller fell far below its previous incarnations; 2014’s Expendables 3 pulled in $15.8m in its opening stanza. Overall, the weekend was the lowest-grossing three-day period of 2023.

The Nun II, which is expected to land at #1, has pulled in nearly $70m domestically and $204m worldwide.

On the art-house circuit, the re-release of Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads’ 1984 concert film, garnered $801k from 264 Imax screens.

  1. The Nun II (Warner Bros.): $8.4m total; 3,536 screens/$2,375 average per screen (Week 3)
  2. Expend4bles (Lionsgate): $8.3m total; 3,518 screens/$2,359 average per screen (Debut)
  3. A Haunting in Venice (Disney): $6.3m total; 3,305 screens/$1,906 average per screen (Week 2)
  4. The Equalizer 3 (Columbia Pictures): $4.73m total; 3,270 screens/$1,444 average per screen (Week 4)
  5. Barbie (Warner Bros.): $3.2m total; 2,634 screens/$1,214 average per screen (Week 10)