HITS Daily Double


Warner's Zach Bryan has taken over the DSP charts following the first day of activity for his self-titled sophomore album.

"I Remember Everything" f/Kacey Musgraves is #1 at Apple Music and Spotify U.S., where the collab posted 2.5m first-day streams. This marks the first time either Bryan or Musgraves has had the top song at the streameries.

Bryan landed nine tracks from the new set in the Spot's U.S. Top 10. At Apple Music, with all 16 of the album's tracks claiming spots in the Top 20. The set has also made inroads on Spotify's global Top 200, an unusual feat for an Americana act, with "I Remember Everything" reaching #15.

Zach Bryan is #1 at iTunes, #1 at Apple Music and #3 at Amazon Music.

How big a debut is Bryan looking at? Peep some early numbers here.