HITS Daily Double


Monument is partnering with RCA on the latest release by Walker Hayes, Strait Two Stepping, featuring the songs “Stetson” and “Show Me the Country.”

“Stetson” is featured today, 7/28, on Spotify’s "New Music Friday Country" playlist and Apple Music’s "Best New Country Songs."

Hayes broke into the mainstream with 2021’s “Fancy Like,” which he initially promoted with a TikTok video. It's now been streamed 752m times. Overall, his songs have received 2.69b audio and video streams.

“Walker Hayes is an incredibly talented artist and gifted songwriter," said RCA Records COO John Fleckenstein. "We are proud to have played a part in his story to date with the wonderful team at Monument. With our newly deepened relationship, RCA is thrilled to join Monument in continuing that success story and bringing Walker's career to even higher peaks.”

“We're so excited to collaborate with RCA on Walker,” Monument GM Katie McCartney said. “We’ve been dreaming up ideas with them since 2016 when ‘You Broke Up With Me’ was released and we had success together on the crossover of ‘Fancy Like.' After the last few massive years we've had with Walker, now feels like the perfect time to make the relationship official. Walker is a superstar with music that appeals to everyone, and we can’t wait to start this next chapter.”

Nipper is beside himself expecting the arrival of an unlimited supply of Oreo shakes any day now.