HITS Daily Double


MixedByAli’s EngineEars has added several new investors, including SALXCO’s venture arm FLÜS, EMPIRE CEO Ghazi, Alex Grant and LVRN Co-Founders Tunde Balogun and Sean Famoso. Each bring their vast industry knowledge and individual perspectives on how EngineEars will continue providing business solutions for global music professionals.

FLÜS, founded by Wassim "Sal" Slaiby, boasts a partnership with Live Nation Entertainment and has nurtured the careers of The Weeknd, Diddy and Metro Boomin, to name a few.

Meanwhile, Ghazi built EMPIRE—the world’s largest independent label—from the ground up and is behind Supply Chain, a white label distribution platform that gives retailers, brands and service providers access to self-distribution.

Grant, an executive and producer, propelled artists like Imagine Dragons to new heights, while crafting hits for Rihanna, Eminem and U2. Finally, as two of the five founding members of the Atlanta record, management and publishing company LVRN, Balogun and Famoso have worked with Summer Walker, 6LACK, Westside Boogie and Shelley FKA DRAM. With its recent investment of more than $25m from Marcus Pincus' MUSIC, LVRN is preparing to expand into Africa. Needless to say, the latest round of investors are raring to go. The same cannot be said about us. As a matter of fact, we need a nap.

EngineEars functions as a vertical software platform for artists, engineers, producers and record labels, facilitating discovery, payments, project management and distribution. The company has paid out more than $1.75m to platform service providers over the last year, seeing an annual growth of 350%. Find more information here.