HITS Daily Double


WMG’s recent deal with TikTok put a spotlight on Robert Kyncl’s ability to forge new opportunities via deals in the tech space.

“It’s been helpful for me to draw on my personal experiences at YouTube when I was on the other side of the table and navigating some of the same issues,” Kyncl tells HITS.

The first-of-its-kind partnership finds Warner Recorded Music and Warner Chappell Music licensing their repertoire to TikTok. It will expand the collaboration and innovation between the two companies.

Kyncl calls the deal “significantly improved” over the previous arrangement and a “win-win for both companies.”

The deal calls for the joint development of new economic models and provides artists and songwriters with access to new ways of working with TikTok's brand partners.

“We’re contributing to a virtuous cycle where bold innovation and fan engagement can thrive together with stronger revenue and marketing opportunities for artists and songwriters,” Kyncl said.