HITS Daily Double


Once again, iHeart's irrepressible Alissa Pollack and her merry band of oenophiles have presided over a successful Taste of Hope gala at NYC's Three Sixty, raising funds for City of Hope and savoring soft tannins, fruit-forwardness and the grapey deliciousness of our absence. Co-sponsored by Full Stop Management and Palmese Entertainment, the event was co-hosted by Pollack, Tom Corson, Richard Palmese, Dave Dyer, Peter Gray, L.A. Reid and other luminaries. Let's look at some jolly photos.

Otter Creek Entertainment's Haley McLemore, SiriusXM's Alex Tear, Pollack and artist Gavin McGraw found that with each zesty glass, it became more difficult to pronounce "carignan."

Pollack, industry veteran Steve Bartels, promotion legend Richard Palmese and Lana Palmese agreed that the unoaked chardonnay was Top 5 phones.

Pollack and Capitol President of Promotion/EVP Greg Marella wondered if there was enough zinfandel to fill a wading pool, because they would definitely soak in that.

chief David Massey suggested to Bartels and Pollack that a hearty montepulciano would pair well with amp-smashing Italian rock.

"Hey buddy, you should add this bottle," Big Loud's Greg Thompson (r) advises iHeart programming guru Tom Poleman. "It's researching through the roof." A focus group of two subsequently confirmed this assertion.

Big Loud boss Seth England noted that the Côte-Rôtie paired nicely with having the biggest record in the universe. Seen trying to remember if it's "wine then beer, in the clear" or "beer then wine, doing fine" are (l-r) Big Loud's Taylor Wenis, Jeff Tanner, Thompson and Ali Matkosky, Pollack and Big Loud's Stacy Blythe, England and Patch Culbertson.