HITS Daily Double


To commemorate Primary Wave's partnership with India's Times Music (a subsidiary of Times of India Group), the two teams assembled for this culturally rich, globally expansive photo. As you might imagine, every item visible in the foreground was placed with great care to symbolize a facet of the relationship. Later, a jubilant Larry Mestel attempted the "Naatu Naatu" dance and may have sprained something. The new venture, estimated by some reports to be valued north of $100m, gives PW a big stake in Indian music, notably the massively influential world of Bollywood soundtracks. Seen just before beginning the painful process of explaining this website are (l-r) PW COO Ramon Villa, Head of Indo Pacific David Loiterton, IP Investment Management President Bill Cisneros, CEO/founder Mestel, Times of India Group Managing Director Vineet Jain, Executive Director Corporate, M&A N. Subramanian, M&A exec Theja Kolla and Times Music COO Mandar Thakur.