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South Korea-based HYBE has completed a merger acquisition deal with Quality Control, the music, film, TV and sports company co-founded and run by Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas. The partnership reflects the expansion of HYBE’s media ambitions and—thanks to artists like Lil Baby, Migos, Lil Yachty and City Girls—extends its musical reach, particularly in hip-hop.

As QC and HYBE both have existing relationships with the UMG family of companies, it's believed the process should be seamless. Following the execution of the deal, per custom, there was a ritual exchange of quotes.

Bang Si-Hyuk, P, Coach K and Braun

“I'm so proud and honored to have Coach K and P join Bang and me as partners,” read remarks from HYBE America CEO Scooter Braun. “QC is one of the most significant independent labels in the world, working with incredible artists who are, and remain to be, the voices of the culture. I’ll never forget riding around Atlanta over 20 years ago with Coach discussing our dreams and ambitions and how we said, ‘If they let us in the game, we are never going to give it back.' Now, all these years later, we are joining forces to make these dreams a reality.”

“HYBE is the perfect partner for Quality Control as we come together to take our story and work global,” reads a quote from QC CEO P. “HYBE’s leaders are entrepreneurs with a phenomenal history of finding talent and taking it to the highest levels. Taking QC worldwide requires partners who understand building something from the bottom and aiming sky high. HYBE's grasp of the culture and of what QC has built and the limitless path of where it can go matter to us greatly.”

“P and I are ecstatic about this partnership with Scooter and HYBE and are confident they can help us realize the global ambitions we’ve had since the beginning of our company as nothing means more than our artists' impact worldwide,” goes a statement from QC COO Coach K. “Over many years, Scooter and I have cultivated real trust and a common way of looking at the world and the culture. An added bonus of this partnership is that both QC and HYBE have existing relationships with the UMG family, which will create an easy flow that will benefit the artists.”

“Based on its success in hip-hop, QC has a strong presence on the American music scene. With our shared vision, I have high hopes for what we can achieve together,” said HYBE CEO Jiwon Park.

“This partnership is a vital part of our plan to innovate in the entertainment industry through a diversified portfolio and advanced technology,” added HYBE Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk. “We will work together to continue representing the depth of hip-hop to the global music industry.”

Photo: HYBE America