HITS Daily Double


As biz folks congregate at the Four Seasons and Polo Lounge and juggle their heavy dockets of parties and meetings, the chatter is that Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Adele will all attend the Grammys. So far the word is that none of the three are yet scheduled to perform, but we’re hearing that negotiations are ongoing and that producers Winston, Collins and Kapoor are, per tradition, holding some slots just in case.

Most believe that Bey will win in at least one category—and possibly one or more of the Big 4—and thus become the biggest winner in Grammy history. It's also thought by many that she will not perform unless she’s been informed that she will win. But since she just announced her tour, might a typically ferocious live segment be just the ticket right now?

Meanwhile, we’re pretty certain Tay will be on hand for Music’s Biggest Night.

In other gossip, claims that everyone in the audience will be issued a Harry Styles-esque feather boa could not be confirmed at press time. Stay tuned for more unsubstantiated rumors.