HITS Daily Double


Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were the two most Googled musicians in the U.S. this year based on research conducted by Celeb Tattler.

The two were neck and neck in terms of monthly averages: Swift’s name appeared in Google searches 2.1m times a month vs. Styles searches averaging 2.09m. The only other artist to top a 2m monthly average was Kanye West.

Travis Scott and Rihanna rounded out the Top 5 with 1.96m and 1.78m monthly averages, respectively.

The rest of the Top 10 is Billie Eilish (1.76m), Ariana Grande (1.68m), Selena Gomez (1.5m), Justin Bieber (1.49m), and Dua Lipa (1.44m).

We did similar research on HITS and Google searches and found a surge in “Clippers playoff odds” beating out the leader for the first half of the year, “What is FTX and how can I invest?”