HITS Daily Double


Pink Floyd’s song catalog sale is reportedly being stalled by disagreements within the band relating to tax, deal structure and, oddly enough, Roger Waters’ views on the Ukraine war.

The report is according to a story in the Financial Times, which says the sale, supposed to be valued at over £500m, has hit a wall. The auction has allegedly been delayed by months of arguing between the band members, while Waters’ recent claim that he’s on the assassination hit list in Ukraine hasn’t helped matters.

The tax structure of the deal is apparently the main source of contention, according to FT sources. This is due to Waters living in the U.S. while other members are in the U.K.

Interest is said to be high, with Blackstone, Sony Music and Warner Music among bidders for the highly sought-after collection.

That’s if it pulls through. One bidder reportedly said the strained relationships made a sale “impossible,” while someone familiar with the talks called negotiations “as difficult as can be.” Still, the FT says those involved hope to reach an agreement within weeks.

Sounds like they’re living a line from their hit “Money”: “Share it fairly, but don't take a slice of my pie.”