HITS Daily Double


Spotify for Artists has released a new study, in partnership with Netflix, focusing on catalog and syncs.

Catalog, defined as music that has been available for at least 18 months, has continued to increase its consumption share during the streaming era, rising above 70%. This edition of Fan Study shows how catalog can be an important asset in finding new audiences and deepening relationships with current fans.

Insights shared in the catalog study include:

  • More catalog tracks are charting on Spotify than ever before. Since 2020 the portion of the Global Weekly Top Songs Chart represented by catalog has increased 155%. As of 2022, almost a third of charting songs are catalog.
  • Fans who are actively seeking out and streaming music love the older stuff. In fact, almost ¾ of active streams (derived from, among other sources, playlists, album pages, artist profiles and liked songs) are catalog.

S4A also partnered with Netflix to analyze the effect of a sync on the rest of an artist’s catalog. A key finding:

  • When an artist lands a sync, we see a huge jump in brand-new listeners. We partnered with Netflix to analyze a set of syncs and saw artist discoveries jump between 50% and 6,000%. But it doesn’t stop there—the rest of the artist’s catalog also gets a boost. For example, after William Bell’s single “I Forgot to Be Your Lover” was featured in Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie, Bell’s catalog saw a 130% lift in streams.

Read more here about Spotify and Netflix's study on how syncs are supercharging fans and streams. Find the catalog study here.

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