HITS Daily Double


Guy Moot went to India to talk about “the new songwriter economy” at this week’s All About Music conference. That economy is less about hits and awards and more about “creating a multitude of new global opportunities that put money back into the pockets of creators and bring more awareness to songs and songwriters.”

The co-chairman/CEO of Warner Chappell Music spoke about "the newfound appreciation for the value of a song" and the role of leaders in the publishing business.

“I believe this growth is being driven in large part by the globalization of music," Moot said. "Culture is now an asset, with local repertoire of both newly created songs and catalog gems becoming hits that can also translate across borders.

“The global music industry is made up of a much larger ecosystem that employs everyone from sound engineers to sync managers to concert promoters to marketing strategists and more—in India alone, there are currently 10m+ people working in the music industry. By enacting stronger IP laws and better streaming rates, more money will go back into our local economies and create more jobs and opportunities for local creators.

“It’s my hope that we take it upon ourselves—as industry leaders, key stakeholders and music enthusiasts—to cultivate more job opportunities, including in emerging markets, and prioritize developing local songwriters, producers and artists.”