HITS Daily Double


Among the artists heating up this week are Island's Demi Lovato, who just released her rock album HOLY FVCK; UMLE's Feid, who's breaking in Colombia, Mexico and Spain; and YG/Interscope's BLACKPINK with their record-setting single "Pink Venom."

Demi Lovato, "29" (Island): The former Disney star is taking control of her narrative with her 8th studio album, which embraces her pop-punk and rock roots. Standout "29" tells the story of Lovato's being groomed as a teenager by a 29-year-old. The track soared to #53 on Spotify's U.S. chart yesterday. It continues to grow at TikTok as well, where teens are using the song as a catalyst for revealing their own such experiences. Lovato's LP was the Spot's #1 global debut over the weekend; "29" was #3.

Feid, "Normal," "Si Te La Encuentra" (UMLE): Colombian urbano breakthrough Feid continues to make waves across the globe with a handful of streaming sizzlers. He's currently featured on four different tracks on the Spotify global Top 100, including "Normal" and "Si Te La Encuentra," the latter peaking at #18. A special birthday release, "Feliz Cumpleano Ferxxo," was the #4 global debut on the platform this weekend. After summer sellouts in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, Feid headlined a show in Mexico for 10k fans and immediately sold out Miami's Oasis Wynwood.

BLACKPINK, "Pink Venom" (YG/Interscope): The biggest female K-pop group in the world is back with a smash single that ended Bizarrap's monthlong run atop Spotify global—on Friday, "Pink Venom" opened as the first Korean song ever to debut at #1. The Pink ladies also dominated YouTube on opening day, with the "Pink Venom" clip trailing only BTS' video debuts ("Butter" and "Dynamite") for the most views in a 24-hour period, scoring a staggering 94m.