HITS Daily Double


Oxnard will become the home of a state-of-the-art record-pressing facility in early 2023 when the guys behind Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab open Fidelity Record Pressing.

MoFi and Music Direct proprietor Jim Davis are opening the plant in partnership with the father-and-son vinyl-engineer team of Rick and Edward Hashimoto. Fidelity will take on outside projects and serve as the future production home of all MFSL vinyl releases.

“Record pressing is an intricate pursuit—it shouldn’t be about achieving specific volumes,” Davis said. “By adhering to excellent standards and leveraging the most experienced experts, Fidelity will prove to analog lovers how LPs should really sound.”

The plant will use new hydraulic presses that mechanically parallel those of the 1960s yet employ controls that allow unprecedented levels of across-the-board consistency and accuracy. Further Fidelity details will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.