HITS Daily Double


During a party at NYC's Pebble Bar hailing the publication of Island founder Chris Blackwell's new book—and his 85th birthday—event co-host and current label co-head Justin Eshak proposes a toast. Later, the several ounces of cannabis in that cake inspired some really daring marketing proposals.

UMG EVP Global Marketing Andrew Kronfeld, Republic boss Monte Lipman, Island co-head Imran Majid, Blackwell and UMG EVP Michele Anthony wonder if HITS has turned 85 yet.

Majid and Eshak flank Blackwell just before the three decided to conduct all further business aboard a marlin-fishing boat. Later, Grace Jones power-lifted all three execs over her head.

Blackwell and Island GM Mike Alexander prepare to round up the assembled revelers for karaoke renditions of Brian Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy.