HITS Daily Double


This Tidal playlist (sign in, sign up or access via Facebook) was compiled by Dyana Williams, aka the Mother of Black Music Month, who, in addition to her role in establishing this annual celebration, is a media mover, a crucial figure at Nashville's National Museum of African American Music, a radio legend, an occasional HITS contributor and one of our favorite people.

Working in tandem with the DSP and the museum, Dyana has curated a batch of songs that capture the core feelings of the BMM celebration. Here's her note to accompany the set, which is just Volume 1 of a series.

Black music. It is powerful. It is influential. It is everywhere. I designed this playlist to cover the breadth and depth of Black music. Once I started making it, I couldn't stop. So this is Volume 1 of The Official Black Music Month Playlist. Peace, happy listening and I'll see you next week.