HITS Daily Double


City of Hope Spirit of Life honorees and Republic co-founder/brothers Monte and Avery Lipman enjoyed their second big breakfast party of the season on 5/24, this time with a grand gathering of important personages at NYC's Tavern on the Green. They found this wingding even more delightful than the first, because nobody from HITS was anywhere nearby.

The event, of course, shone the spotlight not only on the brothers' stellar careers and abundant philanthropic work but also on the crucial mission and commitment of COH.

Then everyone put down their granola for a series of photo ops.

The Lipmans flank Co-President Jim Roppo in a stylish tableau that reminded Jim of his years as a runway model.

Monte and UMG EVP Michele Anthony find it refreshing to be miles away from us.

Newly appointed Republic EVP Danielle Price tells the Lipmans that she is still a charter member of the Chumbawamba fan club.

Mercury co-chiefs Ben Adelson and Tyler Arnold tell the bros that these breakfasts are even better when you don't have to slather on SPF 10,000,000 sunscreen.

Island co-boss Justin Eshak exchanges blazer tips with Monte. Later, they enjoyed some challah french toast.

"Thanks for coming, everybody," says Monte to promo boss Gary Spangler and hitters Davey Dee and Lucas Romeo, "but shouldn't you be grinding your guys to get my fucking spins upped? Ha-ha, just kidding. Have some oatmeal. But the syrup's for closers only."

The Lipmans join COH's Steven Singer, UMPG prez/COH mensch/event organizer Evan Lamberg and COH's Loren Fishbein, Dr. Leanne Burnham and Natalie Schnaitmann for the East Coast version of a very similar shot from the L.A. kickoff breakfast. The two photos will be sold jointly as an NFT.

Monte and Avery bookend attorney Doug Davis, who notes that the special ringtone on his phone for our own Todd Hensley is a piercing whine.

EVP A&R Brett Alperowitz, legendary promoter Peter Shapiro, erstwhile New Radical Gregg Alexander and Monte observe that vegan bacon, while ostensibly kosher, is not going to kick regular bacon out of first place.

EVP Media & Artist Relations Joe Carozza confides to the Republic rulers that sometimes, when HITS' Simon Glickman calls, he just puts his cat, also named Simon, on the phone.