HITS Daily Double


On 3/29 execs from six boutique music companies hosted a Grammy-week mixer for 200+ women in the industry. The event, dubbed Level Up '22, was organized in partnership with Soho House’s West Hollywood Holloway House.

Pictured here in the calm just before the storm are: (top, l-r) 3V Method co-founder Alex Valenti, Maison Arts Publishing A&R head Livia Piomelli, Spark Music Group managers Cassie Massa and Kelsey Sides, Overall manager Rachel Wood and Overall founder Rosabelle Eales; (bottom, l-r) This Is Noise manager Alyssa Radziwon, Maison Arts Publishing coordinator Lee Fisher, This Is Noise A&R associate Laura Higbee and This Fiction senior artist manager and A&R director Ann Markwell.

"We wanted to curate an event to celebrate the incredible women we know in music," reads a statement from the group. "It's the collaboration of each co-host that makes it so special. Level Up '22 truly embodies the essence of 'by women, for women.'"

Samantha Hissong submitted the photo above, along with a slew of colorful text updates. Hissong, who formerly worked at HITS and Rolling Stone, is currently writing a book that's elicited interested from multiple publishers. Which makes her decision to return to our cesspool, even for a part-time gig, all the more mystifying.

"I came to discuss the dismantling of the patriarchy and iron out the details of our stratagems for continued global paramountcy, but I stayed for the sick beats and big-ass cheese board," texted Samantha before what we can only imagine was her fourth tequila and soda.

Before anyone could ask who she was and how she got in, Hissong vanished into a cloud of Gouda crumbs.

Photo by Francesca Sostar