HITS Daily Double


Warner Music Group will provide its artists with the opportunity to create arcade-style blockchain games via a new agreement with game developer Splinterlands.

The partnership—a first of its kind— will see the two companies creating mobile-friendly games designed to foster community-building via play-to-earn rewards.

“I don’t think we can underestimate how massive the opportunity around P2E gaming is,” Oana Ruxandra, WMG’s Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development, said. “Our partnership with Splinterlands pulls focus to our artists and their music as we all work together to develop and maintain tokenized games. As we build, we will be unlocking new revenue streams for our artists while further solidifying fans’ participation in value created.”

Splinterlands was founded in 2018. Its fantasy-themed collectible card game, also called Splinterlands, has 1.8m registered users and 450k daily users.

This might get the HITS team to stop filling our days with World of Warcraft battles.